How it all started



 In 2012 I was living with my wife and son on the tropical island of Bali, my mother came to visit and had been consuming jars of honey every day and had gained considerable weight, so I took it upon myself to search for something that could be a healthy replacement.

I came across the traditional sweetener, ‘Gula Bali’ made from palm sugar that I thought could be basis for her replacement, it has a sweet burnt caramel tone, but a great place to start.

After tinkering for a few years, I managed to perfect the sweetener to retain more nutrients, whilst remain pure without reducing the sugar, infact it was going a step back from Gula Bali that would make this a more nutrient rich syrup than almost anything on the market with an amazing taste, just perfect as an everyday sweetener to replace honey or sugar.

At the time is was not being sold in supermarkets across Europe, so I found this new sweetener to be some important in everyday I life it became my passion to bring it to the International market in the hope that people would soon realize that this is so much more beneficial than the regular sweeteners that people were used to in Europe and the West.

We know that sweeteners are essential to everyday life and that choosing the right sweetener can have profound short and long term health effects.

Everything you choose will either be helping you or hindering your health and from the research with UK Nutrient testings (ALS Labs UK) we have done we have found that our coconut nectar has superior health benefits to regular honey, refined sugar, agave and even maple syrup.

I have always been a firm believer that wherever money is being made from, it is only the right balance that a portion of this should be given back to protecting the land and the people where it was derived. We decided this would work best if a share of the profits would be returned to the same community that it was harvested from which spawned the idea for a program called 10% Buy, Give, Buildwhich is still under development and expect to have established  founders by 2018.

Stayed Tuned, Stay Healthy,

Founder & CEO