Why Coconut Syrup fits my Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet followers know very well how much we need to go back to our dietary roots, when we were healthy human beings, sleeping in caverns and living off whatever nature would offer. Among the many food supplies available, coconut is certainly one of the most ancient ones used by men on the planet earth.

Paleo humans used to find coconuts quite naturally in those areas where coconut trees grew easily and provided an ongoing supply of food. Thanks to its naturally sweet taste, coconut nectar was a beloved natural drink for millions of years, when we, as cavemen, used to pick coconuts on the beaches we now dream on.


Since those ancient ages, we learned a lot about coconut properties and we now know that coconut nectar is a very rich source of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, which are well acknowledged as fundamental to all diets. Moreover, coconut syrup is now known as an important source of minerals. Coconut nectar is, in fact, an important source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which are necessary to improve body health and to boost the immune system. As an extra benefit, coconut nectar offers a good supply of lauric acid, which is contained in maternal milk and therefore represents one of the first nourishments for our body.

Coconut syrup is a natural sweetener and today we still enjoy the Paleo taste our ancestors used to know: mildly sweet and with a slight hint of honey, coconut nectar is the ideal alternative to white sugar. Paleo Diet newbies will be delighted to know that they are able to leave the white sugar out of their diet and enjoy a better and even more enjoyable taste replacing white sugar with coconut nectar. Moreover, going back to white sugar will be practically impossible as our body naturally refuses the overly sweet taste of sugar if compared to the natural sweet of coconut syrup. Give yourself the chance to try for a week: replace sugar with coconut syrup (and in the meantime you will start enjoying all the benefits of coconut nectar) then, after a week, try to drink any standard soft drink. Chances are you will be tempted to spit it out as sugar taste will be way too aggressive for your taste buds, now thoroughly satisfied with the natural sweet of coconut nectar.

Although we do not know about Paleo pathologies, we do know that diabetes is most unfortunately widespread. Well, thanks to its low glycaemic index, coconut nectar is highly indicated to Paleo Dieters suffering diabetes.

There are many reasons, which make of coconut syrup an ideal natural sweetener.

Ancient authors used to depict the Gods sitting in the Olympus, drinking from golden cups what was called “the nectar of the Gods”. Well, we might imagine that could easily be coconut nectar, naturally produced on the ‘Island of Gods’. Bali Nutra

Natural Coconut Syrup: New Look and Flavour

We’re pleased to announce a new look for our natural coconut syrup, which is now available at your favourite health food retailers.

Our aim is to deliver fantastic natural flavour while providing the maximum nutritional benefit. So we’ve revisited our production process in Bali and are proud to present our ‘single ingredient’ artisan coconut syrup. Thanks to advancements in the production process, you’ll notice a slight change in the colour of the syrup. This is because far less syrup is now evaporated which leads to a higher number of nutrients and an appearance more akin to maple syrup. You’ll also notice a slightly different taste and texture; but don’t worry – it’s still the delicious coconut nectar flavour that you’re used to.The syrup, as seen in Grazia, HELLO! and loved by foodies including Deliciously Ella, Tess Ward, Madeleine Shaw and Amelia Freer, will now be available in clear 250ml glass bottles and you can find the new-look product at our great stockists, including Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and many more, as well as online through our website.

Bali Nutra is a natural and sustainably sourced coconut syrup, made wholly from the sap of the coconut plant native to Bali, known locally as ‘tuak’. The sap is harvested from the blossoms of coconut trees, without harming the tree or its ability to continue producing coconuts: no tree is, or will be, felled in the extraction process.

The everyday sweetener is ideal to add to hot drinks, smoothies, pancakes, porridge, and even savoury dishes and sauces. You can continue to use the syrup in place of sugar, honey, maple syrup and agave syrup in baking, cooking and as a topping. We offer a number of natural recipe ideas on the website, compiled in partnership with nutritionist Candice Van Eeden. Take a look here. For foodies looking for a nutritious and natural sugar alternative, Bali Nutra is the product for you. Try it today…

What’s more, we have committed to invest 10% share of profits to environmentally friendly projects in Bali, supporting the local charities, which focus on helping the island’s disadvantaged children.

We’re also gearing up to release a line of natural flavour syrups later in the year, including Mangosteen and Lemon & Ginger, again with nutritional benefits. Stay tuned for more details…


Candice Van Eeden reviews Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

Can coconut syrup really be the healthy sugar substitute we have all been waiting for?

As a holistic nutritional practitioner, I spend much of my time helping people of all ages to find a way to improve their diets. This does not mean completely cutting out all those tasty morsels that everyone likes to indulge in, once in a while, but simply finding a balance in what you have on your plate. When Mario from Bali Nutra asked me to review their coconut syrup, a refined sugar substitute, I jumped at the chance – and I have to say that I was not disappointed with what I discovered.

I have plenty of first-hand experience of working with people who have become victims of high sugar diets. Many of us are unwittingly ingesting far too much processed sugar, even in what we consider to be healthy foods, and it is this regular overloading of refined sugar that can cause significant health problems over time. This is one of the reasons why, I am so keen to investigate healthier substitutes that people can use to replace refined sugar in their diets.

Coconut Syrup Claims – Reviewed
I’ve explored many alternative sweeteners over the years, so I approached Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup as I have learned to approach all the others – with a healthy air of scepticism.

These are the syrup’s professed benefits:
• 100% organic and natural with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.
• Environmentally friendly production credentials.
• Ideal for diabetics as it’s a low Glycaemic product.
• More nutritious than other sweeteners.
• Rich in antioxidants.
• Packed full of health promoting vitamins and minerals.

Bali Nutra claim that their product is gluten free, GMO free and fat free. Now this is a long list of supposed positives. But, I have done my research and I have to say that I have not found anything in my investigation that conflicts with their claims.

Firstly it is entirely natural, made with a raw antioxidant, free from preservatives and potentially harmful GM processes. Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup is produced on small family-owned farms in Bali where pesticides are not used and the palm trees are responsibly tapped for their sweet sap. I am told that this practice has been going on for generations on the island. As no chemicals or pesticides are used on the trees, and the sap collection does not harm them, it has got to be one of the most environmentally friendly cottage industry sugar production methods I’ve ever seen. The collected sap is heated to prepare it for bottling and, well, that’s it! One super-sweet healthy alternative to refined sugar – from tree to table in fewer steps than any other sweetener I know.

Enough of the online research, and one-to-one interviewing, and onto my area of expertise – let’s dive into the details of what makes Bali Nutra coconut syrup such a nourishing, healthy, tasty choice.

Super Sweet but Easy on your Blood Sugar Levels
I was particularly intrigued by Bali Nutra’s claims that their product could be enjoyed by those with diabetes. Now, everyone knows that those with diabetes need to carefully control their diets to manage their condition. One part of this is to consider the glycaemic index of different foods. Low GI diets can be a suitable option for diabetics, as this type of meal plan can help to keep blood sugar levels more stable than eating lots of high GI foods. Essentially, this low GI diet helps remove the peaks and troughs that refined sugars create.

One major benefit of Bali Nutra coconut syrup is that it has a low glycaemic index (GI) of ± 35. When compared with the rating of brown sugar (64), white sugar (60) and even honey (58-83) you can see the significant difference between these popular sweeteners and coconut syrup. In fact a medium sized orange, a large carrot or a small box of raisins all have a higher GI than coconut syrup.

It’s my opinion, therefore, that coconut syrup could potentially form part of a low GI diet, when regulated properly against other foods and factors.

Cutting down on sugar, is not merely something which people with health issues should be thinking about. Indeed, eating foods which are lower in sugar can help to prevent a whole host of health problems associated with refined sugars. These include tooth decay, high blood pressure, obesity (something of a growing problem here in the UK and across the globe) and the development of diabetes in the first place. Some have gone further and suggested that refined sugar is, in effect, toxic to our systems.

Full of Vitamins and Minerals
Bali Nutra coconut syrup is also packed full of important vitamins and minerals. The liquid is a rich source of potassium, which helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It contains high levels of magnesium, which promotes healthy bones, and also zinc and vitamin C which boost the immune system. Bali Nutra coconut syrup is also a fantastic source of iron which aids the development of new red blood cells. The syrup also includes Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6. These each have individual, as well as collective, health benefits including supporting healthy digestion and encouraging healthy blood flow and oxygen levels. These high vitamin concentrations promote healthy skin, bones, eyes and teeth as well as maintaining strong muscle movement and a healthy nervous system.

My Opinion
I think you’ve probably already guessed which way I’m leaning on this one. It’s pure, it’s healthier on your body, it’s kinder on the environment and it tastes glorious, so I know that I for one will be adding it to my weekly shop.

Vegan Nutty Chocolate Squares Recipe from BigCityDreamer made with Coconut Syrup

This wonderful recipe was created by the super talented BigCityDreamer aka @fresheather ! It’s a definite to try out yourself in the kitchen and is a great example of what delicious goodies you can make with a few splashes of our delicious coconut syrup!

Base Layer:
3/4 cup ground pecan nuts (or 3/4 cup coconut flour – although it is a bit too dry with this)
2 tbsp cacao (or cocoa)
3 – 4 tbsp Bali Nutra coconut syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted (I use Coconut Merchant)

Combine all ingredients until they clump together (you can do this by hand). Press into a small lined square baking tray – the smaller the tray, the thicker the layers!


Middle Layer:
1/2 cup crunchy PB (or almond butter… or hazelnut butter… any nut butter)!
3 tbsp Bali Nutra coconut syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

Mix PB, syrup and oil until combined. Spread on top of base layer. Put in the fridge or freezer while you’re making the next layer.


1/4 cup cacao powder (I use Bioglan)
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
3 tbsp Bali Nutra coconut syrup

Mix the cacao, melted coconut oil and coconut syrup together until you have a smooth, melted chocolate consitency (have to admit, I ate quite a bit of this part before it made it into the baking tray)! Pour on top of the middle layer and spread evenly with a spatula (bang the base of the tray on the worktop a few times to make the top smooth and even).

Set in the fridge for 30 mins and you’re good to go! It tastes amazing after the chocolate has just set and the rest is still melty! Cut into squares and store in the fridge!

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