Coconut Syrup Reviews

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I don’t really like coconut honestly don’t really know the reason why, but this syrup was truly amazing! It has a smooth, light taste that is not super sticky or overpowering; it doesn’t cling to your mouth after consumption. It is rather runny for what I’m used to however it is a welcome change as its much easier to stop the flow of sweet, sweet tasty goodness, allowing you to not have a bowl, plate or cup swimming in syrup. BaliNutra Coconut Syrup has a flavour much akin to caramel but much less heavy, its sweetness is not as powerful as sugar you get from the store or even maple syrup but again this makes it easy to not over sweeten your foodstuffs, although it does not take much of this syrup to satisfy the sweet tooth. As such this syrup will last me a long time.
All in all I was pleasantly surprised by this product and would absolutely recommend it to my friends and family as an alternative to other syrups and sweeteners, even if it is a little pricey; its worth it.

This is really tasty nice quality coconut syrup.
I’ve been using coconut syrup for a little while now mainly in recipe as a sugar replacement because of its lower GI. This bottle was more expensive than that last one I bought but it had good reviews so I thought I would try it and I wasn’t disappointed. It really is a lovely golden thick rich sweetness not unlike a maple syrup but comparing it with the maple syrup I have at home now it’s more caramel than the deeper note on the maple syrup. It does give a hint of coconut on the back of your tongue but it’s not overly coconut which in its own way is good too. I notice this product was sent to people for review and alas that was not me however I will definitely buy again because it’s really rich and sweet and makes great raw chocolate too. Recommended

Use it all the time in coffee, as sweetener for porridge and lots of other things.

Excellent product. Done the trick! Do not need to use sugar.

Coconut Syrup was a total mystery to me until just a few days ago, when I was asked if I should like to try a sample of the product by Bali Nutra. I was familiar with other sweeteners in syrup form but had never
heard of this. It arrived in a 300 gram bottle and has a dark rich appearance. On dipping my finger into the
syrup, I was half expecting it to actually taste of coconut, it is more subtle than that, and has a nutty taste.
I tried it on my porridge and found it sweetened without overpowering the porridge.
Coconut syrup comes from the sap of the tree rather than the actual coconut and has a lovely taste. It has
a low Glycemic Index and is Gluten free, suitable for Diabetics, Vegetarians and Vegans and whilst it has
its own natural sugars, nothing is added to it, no preservatives.

This is a tasty and sweet alternative to sugar for cooking and serving with desserts and cereals.

Its a very sweet and natural syrup which you can use in cooking and put in recipes in place of sugar. It smells great and pours smoothly and has a nice thick syrupy consistency.

I was a little disappointed it doesn’t taste of coconut at all as I love coconut, however we loved it poured on vanilla ice cream and fruit and it’s delicious poured over porridge too.

Great if you want a natural very sweet alternative to sugar which isn’t as strong tasting as honey.

I had never heard of coconut syrup until receiving this, but it has become a daily regular at our breakfast table. To try and sum up this coconut syrup, it’s like a thicker, caramel, VERY subtly coconut flavoured, maple syrup. The reason I make this comparison with maple syrup is that on reflection, it seems to have replaced everything we used to use maple syrup for, going particularly well on pancakes and it’s heavenly with natural yogurt. It was quite odd at first in looks and texture, my wife likened it to pouring motor oil onto her yogurt at first as this is how it looked, but the taste could not be further from oil.

On first try I had a teaspoon of it and other than abundant sweetness, I could not really pick out any flavours. But it is when you put it onto food, somehow the burnt caramel and subtle coconut flavours are much more apparent, especially with yogurt.

Although I strive to eat as healthily as possible, I had never heard of coconut syrup before encountering Bali Nutra. It only makes sense that, in a time when coconut products (milk, water, oil, flour, sugar) are so popular, we would also have a syrupy sweetener from the sap of the coconut tree. I’m glad I discovered it, though, because it is DELICIOUS!

The syrup arrived carefully packaged in bubble wrap (understandable, as it’s in a heavy glass bottle, presumably to avoid leaching of flavours or chemicals). Upon opening it, I found a bottle of thick, translucent, amber-brown syrup closely resembling a slightly more opaque form of maple syrup. When I took the lid off the bottle, though, I was struck by a difference: the scent. Coconut syrup smells a little bit of coconut, a little bit of treacle (molasses), and a lot of caramel (or caramelized sugar). I was immediately excited, and added a few drops to my rooibos tea. What a difference! The caramel notes sweetened and subtly enhanced the taste of the rooibos, making for an amazing combination.

I started to use this syrup both as a sweetener and to drizzle over things. I’ve tried it in tea, unsweetened cocoa, turmeric milk (“golden milk”), and baked goods. I’ve poured it over yoghurt, fruit with fromage frais, porridge, and granola. I have plans to try it on crumpets, pancakes and French toast, as well as in cooking sauces, and I can’t wait! I’ve never encountered a sweetener whose taste I enjoyed as much as this one. (It may be an acquired taste, so your mileage may vary – but if you like caramel, maple syrup or similar products, I strongly recommend at least trying coconut syrup.)

It’s true that this product is sweet enough that you don’t need to use as much as you would of other sweeteners, like sugar or maple syrup. However, although the nutritional statistics don’t list sugar at all, I suspect based on research into similar products that the 10.35 g of carbohydrates listed per serving consists entirely of sugar. It’s presumably a raw, natural fruit sugar and therefore much better for you than refined or artificial sweeteners – but don’t assume that coconut syrup is sugar-free just because it doesn’t list a number. The health benefits of the low glycemic index are undeniable, though, and you don’t need to use much to have an impact!

I recommend this syrup to anyone looking for a sugar alternative or simply a unique flavour to enhance their foods.