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"Coconut Syrup tastes like a rich caramel maple syrup, super easy to use for baking with 1:1 ratio for sweetness of honey or maple, now its my preferred vegan sweetener in the hotel kitchen and at home."
Clinton_Webber_Hilton, Get a Quote
Clinton Webber
Hilton Hotel Bali, Executive Chef
"The taste is amazing! All our guests just loved it! Makes a big difference in daily cappuccino and pastries. "
Filippo Chef, Get a Quote
Filippo Abissino
Fairmont Hotel Bali, Executive Chef
"Coconut Jam. This is simply the best thing I tried in a long time! It’s fascinating. "
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Daniel Ellwanger
ManoaChocolate, Hawaii


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+ Approximately 1,200pcs per pallet, except 755ml sized units, which is only 600pcs.

CNF will include insurance, if you need specific insurance please detail.

Depends on size of order and our order book, typically 4-8weeks.

Yes, above MOQ, please inquire for further details