How it all started


We came across the traditional sweetener, ‘Gula Bali’ made from palm sugar that became the basis for alternative honey replacement my mother needed at the time, it has a sweet slightly burnt caramel tone, but was a great place to begin.


After several years we perfected the sweetener to retain more nutrients, whilst remaining pure without reducing the nutrients, infact it was going a step back from Gula Bali that would make this a more nutrient rich syrup than almost anything on the market with an amazing taste, just perfect as an everyday sweetener to replace honey or sugar.


At the time is was not being sold in supermarkets outside Indonesia, so we found this new sweetener to be so important in everyday I life it became our mission to bring it to the International market so that people would soon taste and understand that this is much more beneficial than the regular sweeteners that people were used to in the West.

Health & Research:

We know that sweeteners are essential to everyday life and that choosing the right sweetener can have profound short and long term health effects.

From the research with UK Nutrient testings (ALS Labs UK) we have done, we  found that our coconut nectar has superior health benefits, such macro and micro nutrients, compared to regular honey, refined sugar, agave.

We aim to be a sustainable company and employ local farmers from the community to work with us. We believe that employing these farmers is helping to bring these communities to a better standard of living and for themselves and their families.

Stayed Tuned, Stay Healthy,

Founder & CEO