Bulk Ingredient Sales


Bali Nutra offers our award winning health food products for bulk ingredient manufacturers looking for a healthy alternative to Agave or Maple or honey. Why not pass on the benefits of taste and long term health to your end consumers.


Typical Ingredient Uses: Yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate, cereal bar, granola, alcohol.
Why is this the perfect sweetener ingredient:
Low Glycemic Index, Organic & Vegan, Mineral balanced, Multi Amino Acids, Caramel flavor and color and viscosity similar to maple, very moorish.
Our Farmers harvest local tuak in Bali on a daily basis and is bottled the same day ensuring maximum nutrients and quality to make our coconut nectar so special that is the only coconut nectar in the world to be awarded a gold star at the Great Taste 2016 in the UK.
We adhere to strict quality controls and checks and adapted HACCP program at our processing facility and registered for BRC audit to be complete this June 2017.


Available as 1Kg, 28Kg and for special request 300Kg drums.


Coconut Sugar
Available as 5Kg 10Kg, 25Kg sacks.
Mesh Size 12.


Coconut Oil 
Available as 20L Units.


Our Farmers and team take pride to know that quality over quantity is our priority and making sure that we lead by example to be a sustainable company that believes that striving for perfection will leave a legacy our children can be proud of.


Bali Nutra is EU certified Organic and Indonesian Certified Organic and registered with the FDA


For bulk ingredient sales please email order@balinutra.com or contact us to our local local representative for your chance to order.