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How to use Coconut Syrup

Bali Nutra’s Coconut Syrup tastes delicious in hot drinks, drizzled over pancakes, in cakes and biscuits, smoothies or in savory dishes like curries. Wherever you usually use sugar or honey – try Bali Nutra instead. Check out our recipes page. Click here!

Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

Coconut Syrup has been used for centuries across Asia, it was even recorded that Gandhi used this in his daily diet. When I found out about the syrup in the Tropics of Bali, I was compelled to bring it to the UK, and to educate people on the benefits of this natural wonder.

What does it taste like?

Bali Nutra’s Coconut Syrup has a rich and smoky treacle taste often likened to a high quality maple syrup. It is very sweet and should be used sparingly, for those that can resist the allure, once you have started to replace your regular table sugar with Bali Nutra Coconut syrup you would be crazy to go back, after knowing the health benefits.

Where does it come from?

Bali Nutra’s Coconut Syrup comes from the sun kissed east coast shores of Bali, Indonesia. We make sure that the sap is only collected from Coconut trees that are not within proximity of 5Km to factories or farms that use fertilisers.

East Coast of Bali

Coconut Sap

Coconut Sap Heated

How is it made?

Coconut Syrup is made purely from the Coconut Sap of the Coconut tree or scientifically speaking the coconut plant, “Cocos nucifera”. It is harvested on average twice a day by local farmers, on small family owned farms, who climb to the top and collect the sap. The Coconut Sap is funnelled using a coconut leaf into a dried coconut shell. The Coconut Syrup is harvested in the dry season which gives Bali Nutra’s Coconut Syrup a unique taste, there are no added ingredients, so that it retains it natural qualities.

What Are the Health Benefits?

* 10 Minerals; Rich in Iron, Magnesium and Potassium.
* 17 different Amino Acids;
* Low Glycemic Index of 35±
* Essential Glyconutrients, including Inulin.
* Certified and registered with Vegan Society.
* No Preservatives / No Artificial Flavours
* GMO Free / Gluten Free

Nutritional Data

Typical Values Per 15g Per 100g
Energy 160KJ 1072KJ
Protein 0g 0.84g
Carbohydrates 8.7g 57.9g
Fat 0g 2.0g
Saturated Fat 0g 1.15g
Fibre 0g Trace
Sodium 10.3mg 69.0mg

*Certified by ALS Food and Pharmaceutical, UKAS approved.