Natural Coconut Syrup: New Look and Flavour

We’re pleased to announce a new look for our natural coconut syrup, which is now available at your favourite health food retailers.

Our aim is to deliver fantastic natural flavour while providing the maximum nutritional benefit. So we’ve revisited our production process in Bali and are proud to present our ‘single ingredient’ artisan coconut syrup. Thanks to advancements in the production process, you’ll notice a slight change in the colour of the syrup. This is because far less syrup is now evaporated which leads to a higher number of nutrients and an appearance more akin to maple syrup. You’ll also notice a slightly different taste and texture; but don’t worry – it’s still the delicious coconut nectar flavour that you’re used to.The syrup, as seen in Grazia, HELLO! and loved by foodies including Deliciously Ella, Tess Ward, Madeleine Shaw and Amelia Freer, will now be available in clear 250ml glass bottles and you can find the new-look product at our great stockists, including Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and many more, as well as online through our website.

Bali Nutra is a natural and sustainably sourced coconut syrup, made wholly from the sap of the coconut plant native to Bali, known locally as ‘tuak’. The sap is harvested from the blossoms of coconut trees, without harming the tree or its ability to continue producing coconuts: no tree is, or will be, felled in the extraction process.

The everyday sweetener is ideal to add to hot drinks, smoothies, pancakes, porridge, and even savoury dishes and sauces. You can continue to use the syrup in place of sugar, honey, maple syrup and agave syrup in baking, cooking and as a topping. We offer a number of natural recipe ideas on the website, compiled in partnership with nutritionist Candice Van Eeden. Take a look here. For foodies looking for a nutritious and natural sugar alternative, Bali Nutra is the product for you. Try it today…

What’s more, we have committed to invest 10% share of profits to environmentally friendly projects in Bali, supporting the local charities, which focus on helping the island’s disadvantaged children.

We’re also gearing up to release a line of natural flavour syrups later in the year, including Mangosteen and Lemon & Ginger, again with nutritional benefits. Stay tuned for more details…