Why Coconut Syrup fits my Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet followers know very well how much we need to go back to our dietary roots, when we were healthy human beings, sleeping in caverns and living off whatever nature would offer. Among the many food supplies available, coconut is certainly one of the most ancient ones used by men on the planet earth.

Paleo humans used to find coconuts quite naturally in those areas where coconut trees grew easily and provided an ongoing supply of food. Thanks to its naturally sweet taste, coconut nectar was a beloved natural drink for millions of years, when we, as cavemen, used to pick coconuts on the beaches we now dream on.


Since those ancient ages, we learned a lot about coconut properties and we now know that coconut nectar is a very rich source of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, which are well acknowledged as fundamental to all diets. Moreover, coconut syrup is now known as an important source of minerals. Coconut nectar is, in fact, an important source of potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron, which are necessary to improve body health and to boost the immune system. As an extra benefit, coconut nectar offers a good supply of lauric acid, which is contained in maternal milk and therefore represents one of the first nourishments for our body.

Coconut syrup is a natural sweetener and today we still enjoy the Paleo taste our ancestors used to know: mildly sweet and with a slight hint of honey, coconut nectar is the ideal alternative to white sugar. Paleo Diet newbies will be delighted to know that they are able to leave the white sugar out of their diet and enjoy a better and even more enjoyable taste replacing white sugar with coconut nectar. Moreover, going back to white sugar will be practically impossible as our body naturally refuses the overly sweet taste of sugar if compared to the natural sweet of coconut syrup. Give yourself the chance to try for a week: replace sugar with coconut syrup (and in the meantime you will start enjoying all the benefits of coconut nectar) then, after a week, try to drink any standard soft drink. Chances are you will be tempted to spit it out as sugar taste will be way too aggressive for your taste buds, now thoroughly satisfied with the natural sweet of coconut nectar.

Although we do not know about Paleo pathologies, we do know that diabetes is most unfortunately widespread. Well, thanks to its low glycaemic index, coconut nectar is highly indicated to Paleo Dieters suffering diabetes.

There are many reasons, which make of coconut syrup an ideal natural sweetener.

Ancient authors used to depict the Gods sitting in the Olympus, drinking from golden cups what was called “the nectar of the Gods”. Well, we might imagine that could easily be coconut nectar, naturally produced on the ‘Island of Gods’. Bali Nutra