1. Tall Palms (Typica)  Coconuts are mainly classed based on the color, shape and size, there are 2 major types.

The most abundant Coconut plant is the Tall Palm, which starts to bear fruit when they are 5-8 yrs old and live upto approximately 100yrs with a productive period of upto 50yrs. The fruit color can be green, brown or red, with large fruits, 2-5Kg and contains about 0.5kg of meat and 0.5 litre of water. Typica Variety are Green (C. viridis) or Red Coconuts ( C. rubescens) or Bali Coconuts variety (Macrocarya) or Sweet coconuts (var. Sakarina)

2. Dwarf Coconut (Nana).

Dwarf Coconuts start flowering age after 3-4yrs and can reach upto 50yrs old, with a productive period of 25yrs. The fruit yeild is not steady and the fruit varies. The Color can be green, yellow or orang. The fruit is small between 1.5Kg and 2Kg and contain about 0.4Kg of fruit and about 200ccs of water.