Organic Coconut Syrup

The Science

Low Glycemic Index of Β± 35, when compared to Brown Sugar 64 and white sugar 60, Maple Syrup 54, Honey…More

100% Natural

Without preservatives or artificial sweeteners we deliver a product that is 100% Natural,…More

Environmental Benefits

Tapping a coconut tree for its sap is a centuries old tradition that does not harm the tree or…More

How it all started

On the tropical island of Bali an ancient local sweetener,Β  is made from Coconut blossoms….

The taste is amazing and it makes a big difference in your daily cappuccino or other coffee, pastries.
I am using this coconut syrup for breakfast and all our guests just loved it!

Exec Chef Filippo Abisso

Delicious, better than any other sweetener! I’ve been using it every day!

Madeleine Shaw, UK Nutritionist

Having tried many refined sugar alternatives I have found the Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup to have a very distinctive and enjoyable taste.

Julie Silver, UK Nutritional Therapist

Tiffany Brien

Coconut Syrup from Bali Nutra is a gem of a find! Amazing on porridge, in shakes or for use in baking my healthy treats!

Tiffany Brien, Peanut Butter Girl

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